Our Chef, Luca Cancedda, proposes

La Carta Bianca:
7-course tasting menu, all Chef’s choice,
for the whole table
€ 45,00 per Person

Hors d‘oeuvre
Grilled Cuttlefish with bread in cuttlefish ink , Swiss Chards and Chick Peas € 13,00

Row Amberjack of the Ligurian Sea with Artichokes and light Bagna Cauda
( hot dip based on anchovies, olive oil and garlic) € 15,00

Stuffed Squid with Raisins and Pecorino cheese on a Bean cream € 13,00

Burned Octopus on a Celeriac cream with acid Vegetables and its Mayonnaise € 13,00

Artichokes (row and boiled) with Parmesan Cheese and Marjoram € 10,00

Beef- Carpaccio with ice-cold Pecorino cheese, Cocoa, Valerian and stum’s drops € 12,00
First Course
Paccheri of Gragnano with Lobster, little Tomatoes and Basil sauce € 18,00

Potatoes Dumplings on a Gorgonzola Cheese cream and Mussels € 16,00

Spaghetti Garlic, Oil and Chilli Pepper with row Prawn and Lime € 16,00

Risotto with Pumpink, Taleggio cheese drops and Liquorice powder € 18,00

Raviolo with Pesto sauce on a Pecorino cheese cream and Vanilla € 16,00
Second Course
Sea bass steak with Swiss Chards, Taggiasca Olives and Mussels marinara style € 22,00

Fish Chowder with crouton € 20,00

Large slice of Salt Cod, Asparagus, Jerusalem Artichokes cream and crunchy Beetroots € 22,00

Monkfish cheek, Broad Bean cream, Rice with fried Pecorino cheese and Olives crumble € 24,00

Tuna (row and grilled) with Burrata cheese, Chicken sauce and Salad of Chicory hearts € 22,00

Mix of Crustaceans with Vegetables and Sauces
Spiny Lobster, Lobster, Scampi*, Crabs and King Prawns*
€ 45,00 per Person (min 2 Personen)

Loin of Lamb, Pistachio nuts, Patatoes with Lard, braised Onion and Porto sauce € 25,00

Let you suggest from our Staff about a fresh dessert to end your meal

Coperto € 3,00

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